2018 smart fortwo: As safe as the others

May 11 2018,

2018 smart fortwo: As safe as the others

Even though the 2018 smart fortwo is small and although it seems less safe than other cars on the road, it's just the opposite.

It's not because it's small that the 2018 smart fortwo is not able to offer you the same level of protection as other cars you come across on the road. In fact, the fortwo offers unique technologies and an ultra-rigid structure to offer its owner a level of safety that can in some cases be even more advanced than what we find in larger cars.

As an automaker, smart is well aware that safety is an important consideration for many buyers. Thus, the manufacturer has made sure to develop advanced technologies to absorb the forces of an impact and ensure optimal handling. Let's take a look at the forward-thinking safety technologies of the new 2018 smart fortwo.

A padded interior.

For starters, the 2018 smart fortwo is equipped with two frontal airbags which is normal in a modern car. What isn’t so normal, however, but still appreciated is the presence of airbags for the knees, thorax and head of the passengers sitting inside the smart.

In addition to its many airbags, the 2018 smart fortwo has a tridion structure. Visible from the outside, this unique structure is made of high-strength steel to ensure extraordinary stiffness. When there is an accident, this structure acts as your safety cage and makes sure that the cockpit remains safe.

Combine all this with a collision avoidance system that can warn you of potential danger in front of you, and you have a car that will surprise you with its safety. Contact us today to find out more!


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